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What do you think of when you hear the word fitness? "Muscle heads" slamming weights around at the gym? Or maybe you picture a supermodel-looking female running like a madwoman on a treadmill. Fitness is so much more than aesthetics. Let me tell you why.

Having a good fitness level will allow you to do the things in life you enjoy the most, but maybe you don’t know how to effectively exercise. Perhaps, you fear injury without the proper guidance. Still, you might have a nagging painful shoulder or knee that does not like exercise. Or maybe you just want to feel and move better in your daily activities. Whatever the case may be, I can help you discover that exercise does not have to be painful or scary and that it can lead to a healthier and more independent life.



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Hi, I'm Laura

personal trainer, retired nurse, wife & mom

I have always had a passion for physical activity and fitness. I spent my youth training in classical ballet and modern dance and later added strength training where I learned the benefits of good posture, muscular strength, balance, and the value of eating properly to maintain an optimal body composition. My interest in a healthy body and my desire to take care of people led me to a career in nursing for 18 years. However my passion for fitness ultimately led me to obtain my American Council on Exercise certification in personal training in 2004 and I have been happily training ever since.

My goal is to help people realize that they can learn to exercise and gain strength and mobility at any age. It is especially rewarding to design exercise programs that help people accomplish the activities they need and want to do.


My Ideal Clients

Value good health

Desire independence

Want body confidence

Enjoy pain-free movement

Aspire to age gracefully

Seek Strength & Endurance

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