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Aren’t we all? Haha! When I was younger, my only motivation to work out was to see the results in the mirror A.K.A. look good in a bikini. Now that I'm beyond 50 years old, my entire perspective on fitness and overall health has changed. It’s less about what I see in the mirror and more about being able to do the things I want to do (and keep up with my adult kids!).

I’m going to be honest with you... there are no quick fixes.

Are you unhappy with your body?

If you are wanting to lose 20 in 2 weeks, I’m not the personal trainer for you. First of all, that’s not realistic and/or attainable. Secondly, I work with people who value good health and the ability to enjoy their favorite activities, rather than an exact number on a scale. Optimal function is more satisfying than a “perfect” body weight.





It is harder to skip your workout when there is someone waiting for you, eager to motivate you, and ready to do all the thinking for you.

An exercise program must begin with the ability to stabilize the body parts in proper alignment, which is the basis of our movement and will enhance your balance.

Proper mobility of body parts allows optimal exercise form, preventing injury and ensuring efficient functioning and pain-free movement.

Muscular strength allows the body to move with ease and proficiently perform the activities of life, securing your independence and ability to do the things you love.


The majority of my clients have been with me for 12+ years. I have worked with males and females from 15 to 90 years of age, all with various fitness objectives. I make careful selection of safe, effective exercise to accommodate whatever injuries, restrictions, and health issues a client may have and modify workouts as necessary to help my clients achieve their goals.

Meet My Clients





What I like best is that Laura is able to quickly adjust or modify my personal workout to compensate for all of my little aches, pains, surgeries, and injuries but I still always leave feeling that I’ve been challenged. When I started training with Laura, one of my goals was to improve muscle tone and look great for my son’s wedding and my (45th) high school reunion. I kicked butt and got lots of compliments.

– Kathleen, Age 70

There are many personal trainers who know routines, but Laura knows the clinical side of the body and can help achieve goals through maximizing the body’s ability that avoids injury and is customized to address your personal goals and your body’s needs. I am so excited to continue working with her. It is hard work and she pushes you appropriately, but I promise that it is worth it.

– Mark, Age 56

I had an accident that left my legs very weak. I am building the strength back. under Laura’s direction. Laura has such a positive attitude that she is able to help build my confidence. She always explains how the exercises she prescribes will fulfill my needs, demonstrates proper form and then carefully watches my execution.

– Gloria, Age 85

As a former college athlete, I was haunted by old injuries and understood that any exercise regime I adopted would have to work within my physical limitations… It quickly became apparent that Laura was NOT the type of trainer who would push me through dangerous exercises. Laura takes great care to work within her clients’ limitations while helping them to reach their fitness goals.

– Maryalice, Age 56

Laura designs programs that maintain my interest and gradually increase in intensity. She has helped me overcome aches and pains that were due to my previously sedentary lifestyle, decrease and stabilize my body weight, increase my stamina and balance, and improve my knowledge of nutrition for healthy eating.

– Bill, Age 70

I hate exercise.
But I know that exercise is important if I want to have strength and balance and feel confident in my independence. Laura makes training fun and relaxing. I feel empowered when I step up to the weights and know I have the strength to complete the exercise Laura will have me do. I am lucky to have found Laura.

– Mary joe, Age 83

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